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The Legazpi Domestic Airport in Legazpi City, Province of Albay is the nearest operational airport to Bulusan with five (5) flights daily from our country’s leading Airlines. From Legazpi Airport, travelers can reach Bulusan by land travel in a seamless rolling tours be it by commuting, renting or driving own’s vehicle.  Please check the the Airlines respective websites for more up to date information relevant to you air travel.


Manila to Bulusan


The Manila-to-Bulusan distance is 659 Kilometers on a 10 to12 hour travel time with fare ranges from P 550.00 to P 650.00 for Ordinary and  P 850.00 to P 1,200.00 for Air-conditioned/Executive Class) Buses. Travelling by bus from Manila to Bulusan, a direct trip to Bulusan is served daily by Elavil Tours Philippines, Inc. two (2) trips per day offering air-conditioned (during peak seasons or pre-arrange trips) and regular ordinary buses. These trips leave Manila from Pasay (near Philtranco Terminal) and Cubao’s Araneta Center  Bus Terminal at four o’ clock (4:00 p.m.) in the afternoon.

In addition, there are also regular bus trips from Manila bound for Legazpi City from Cagsawa Travel & Tours Corporation, Isarog Lines, Philtranco, Peñafrancia Tours & Travel Transport, Inc. etc. In Sorsogon City, Bulan, Matnog, Irosin and Gubat bus trips are also served by the CUL Transport, Raymond Transportation Inc. and RSL Bus Transport Corporation, etc. not to mentioned travelers can hop in the RORO buses bound for Visayas plying the Daang Maharlika Highway.

Legazpi City to Bulusan

The Legazpi City-to-Bulusan via Sorsogon City is approximately 122 Kilometers with 45 Minutes to 1 hour travel time with fares ranging from P 60.00 to P 90.00 depending upon the transportation mode.  There are many transportation options to reach Bulusan from Legazpi City via Sorsogon City. There are GT Express Vans (12-seater), Taxis, Inter-city Buses both air-conditioned and ordinary stationed in Legazpi City Central Terminal located in Tahao Road and another GT Express Van Terminal situated in the Municipality of Daraga with regular trips to Sorsogon City. A 12-seater GT Express Van can be rented for a day for back and forth trip for P 5,000.00 for direct trip to Bulusan with stop-overs in major historical and ecotourism circuit of the Province of Sorsogon.  For travelers who loves immersing with the local blend of transportation: upon arrival in Sorsogon City travelers can choose between the two routes (stated below) to reach Bulusan.

Note: There are also inter-city ordinary and air-conditioned buses bound for the town of Bulan which passes the Municipality of Irosin. From Irosin junction a tricycle ride to the jeepney terminal bound for Bulusan is always readily available.

Tip: Upon arrival in Irosin, it is more convenient for travelers going to Bulusan Lake, Bulusan Volcano Natural Park (BVNP) to rent a tricycle for P 150.00 (usually divided by the number of passengers) due to the absence of shuttle services in the Bulusan Lake junction. The  approximate distance between Irosin and Bulusan Lake is 12 Kilometers with a 20 to 30 minute travel time.

The Two Routes to Bulusan from Sorsogon City

Though not traversed by the Daang Maharlika Highway, Bulusan is accessible to almost all means of transportation. The main hub of transportation service is located in capital city of Sorsogon linking Bulusan from Gubat and Irosin which  has several jeepneys plying on daily and regular basis. Jeepneys, tricycles and motorized boats in coastal areas serve also as the vehicles for inter-barangay routes.

The Sorsogon City-to-Bulusan via Gubat Route

The Sorsogon City-to-Bulusan via Gubat route is 42 Kilometers. As stated above, there are no direct trips from Sorsogon City to Bulusan. To reach Bulusan, travelers must first  ride a Jeepney to Gubat with a P15.00 fare per passenger on a 30-minute travel time.   Two (2)  independent jeepney operators with  separate terminals are present in the city which offers transport services bound for Gubat. These are RJ Lines  with terminal located in-front of SMART Wireless Center and the Gubat Jeepney Drivers and Operators Association.  Travelers arriving in Gubat (while still on the jeepney) can request to the driver to drop them off to Bulusan Jeepney Terminal. The  jeepneys are operated by a local transport organization – the Bulusan Volcano Jeepney Drivers and Operators Association, (BVJDOA) Inc. which has a regular ten (10) minute interval between trips bound for Bulusan. The approximate distance between Gubat and Bulusan is 19 Kilometers  having a forty-five (45) minute travel time with a P 38.00 fare per passenger.

The Gubat-Barcelona-Bulusan route is accentuated by coastal scenic view of the Pacific Ocean where the location of Embarcadero (now San Bernardino Strait) once graveyard of the many galleons during the Spanish era can be seen.   The twin San Bernardino Islets facing Bulusan serve as a nesting place for migratory birds making it a Birdwatchers’ destination.  In addition, a historic yet operational lighthouse is visible and portions of Eastern Visayas Islands are perfect views during road trips on clear and sunny days. Several beach resorts string this road link like the Buena Vista Beach which is now haven for Surfers and Rizal Beach of Gubat and Dancalan Beach of Bulusan which is considered to have a perfect salinity with its crystal clear waters, clean and almost white sand coastline. Along the road,  one interesting stop is the old Roman Catholic Church – the Parish of St. Joseph of Barcelona and the remnant of “baluarte” which faces the sea.

The Sorsogon City-to-Bulusan via Irosin Route

The Sorsogon City-to-Bulusan route via Irosin is 67 Kilometers with 1 hour estimated travel time.  Jeepneys and buses frequent these “Daang Maharlika” routes from Sorsogon City to the Municipality of Irosin. It offers a very exciting view for travelers by land. Along the way, the Sorsogon Bay which is part of the West Philippine Sea can be viewed where blue crabs, shellfish like “tahong” and scallops are plentiful. Likewise, Spanish ancestral houses, adorn the Maharlika Highway along the road of the Municipality of Juban. In Irosin, one can appreciate the famous caldera whereby the valley floor is ringed with mountain ranges such as Mt. Bintakan, Mt. Jormajon and Mt. Mara-ot Banua. Other interesting stops over this road network are several hot and cold mineral springs, such as the San Mateo Hot & Cold Spring (locally known as “San Benon“). In the hill-top the Parish of St. Michael the Arch Angel offers a birds eye-view  of the Irosin poblacion and the panoramic view of Bulusan Volcano.

Upon arrival in Irosin, travelers can ride jeepney bound for Bulusan. The approximate distance between Irosin and Bulusan poblacion is 16 Kilometers with a 45 minutes estimated travel time.

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